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Listen With Your HeartwebListen With Your Heart

by John Rietcheck

Easy-listening songs with a variety of styles that include light jazz, New Age, and Caribbean that compliment John’s gentle, soothing voice.


Comments from CDBaby

John started writing songs over 20 years ago. He has performed them across the U.S. and in Europe at a variety of international events.

The music and lyrics he wrote for “Listen With Your Heart” reflect his view of life, that we are spiritual beings having human experiences as we learn to give and receive unconditional love. The songs on the album are a blend of his personal experiences and the spirituality he sees in all life.

When asked about his music, John explained; “To me, music is a vehicle for expressing truth, love, and joy in many different forms. It can touch the heart and uplift the spirit of those who truly listen. I hear the original song that permeates all forms of music. And I see it as a fabric of golden light that connects all living things. It is a living song of sound, light, and love.”

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