HOME PAGEJohn Rietcheck lives and works in San Francisco as a clinical audiologist at the VA Medical Center. He loves serving veterans. Each day he sings, shares humor, and helps his patients improve their communicative needs as well as their enjoyment of music and life.

Here’s his story:

“I grew up with four brothers and two sisters in Oakley, Kansas, a small farm community in the northwest part of the state. As a young child I loved to listen to my mother play the piano. And I constantly sang to songs on the radio.

I didn’t realize I had true talent for singing until my high school choir director took me aside, told me I had the potential to be a good singer, and offered me private voice lessons. The lessons were invaluable as I learned to breathe properly and get the best tone quality from my voice.

A short time later, despite my inability to read a note of music, I was given the opportunity to sing solo parts in several choral works, including masses by classical masters. I received top honors for solos in state music festival competitions and civic organizations.

I went on to study voice in college and perform in several opera, musical comedy, and paid summer stock productions. Although I did not pursue music as a profession, I continued to sing in various genres and venues, including a short stint with a rock band, folk music at pubs, and at conferences around the country. I began writing songs in my early 20s and have continued to the present.

In recent years I have performed all across the U.S. and in Europe for both small and large audiences. I recorded my first album, Listen With Your Heart, in the late 1990s.”

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