New CD Release – The Golden Dream


A few years ago I opened a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant. The fortune was on blue paper and said; “The world welcomes talent with open arms.” I took that to heart and decided to share my talent with others through uplifting music.

Music is a universal language that is spoken in every culture around the world.  It has the power to transport us to practically anywhere we want to go.

Music can touch us in ways that nothing else can; raising our spirits when we’re down, invoking deep feelings of love and joy for someone special, or inspiring us to achieve seemingly unattainable goals.

The Golden Dream is comprised of 11 uplifting songs, ranging from Over the Rainbow and Never Never Land to originals such as It’s the Journey and The Golden Dream.  The album features some of the best studio musicians of the Pacific Northwest and reflects the wonder and magic of new horizons.

The songs on The Golden Dream are about hope; hope for a new day where the lamp of love burns bright for all people. I hope you catch the dream!

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